Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floor Cleaning

Wood flooring needs periodic expert care. Our method consists of using a professional vapor steam cleaning system that give you results that you will love. This process is safe, odor free and leaves floors immediately ready for service. The steam will immediately loosen the soil that has adhered to the wood, it is then removed with a special microfiber cleaning cloth that traps the soil and removes it from the surface. Heavily soiled flooring may need additional cleaning to completely remove layers of soil that has built up.

Our process begins with a complete inspection of the surface that is being cleaned to identify & address scratches, damage and any other issues that can not be resolved by the cleaning process. Digital photographs may be taken of the surface at this time. Items that can be removed from the floor are set aside so that the work can be performed. Larger items will be moved back and forth on top of furniture sliders as to not damage the surface. The next step would be to remove loose soil and dust from the surface with our HEPA vacuum. Then we proceed with steam cleaning the surface until soil is no longer transferred to the microfiber cleaning cloth.

After the cleaning process has been completed, your wood floors will be ready for use. Wood floors should be swept clean on a daily basis. This important to prevent scratches and damage by accumulating soil and debris. Preventive maintenance will ensure the lasting beauty of your wood flooring for years to come.