Low Moisture Cleaning!

low moisture carpet cleaning

Ultra Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Low Moisture Cleaning

We will treat your carpet with a specially blended cleaning solution that uses polymer technology to surround and separate the soil from the fibers. Once the fiber has been identified, a cleaning agent is selected that will produce the best results for that fiber type. Carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed and rooms prepared for cleaning.

The bonnet cleaning process involves pretreating the carpet with a special formula that will separate the soil and allow it to be absorbed into the bonnet.  The process continues until the areas are cleaned completely. Carpet protector is best applied immediately after cleaning has been completed. Grooming the carpet fibers is the last step in the cleaning process.Results are astonishing and you will love how fresh and clean your carpets become.

The counter rotating brush process is the preferred maintenance cleaning system for long hallways and large, open areas. This system will use a 50 psi spray jet, two counter rotating brushes that empty the soil into the debris collection tray.  The encapsulation solutions are worked into the carpet via the counter rotating brushes that dig deep into the fibers. This will pull out soil that the vacuum wouldn’t. Results are immediate and speak for themselves.