Hot water extraction


Ultra Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning offers hot water extraction service. This involves water that is conditioned with an on-board water softener and then travels through the heat exchange system heating the water to 240 degrees. The process starts with a heated pre-treatment that is allowed to dwell and loosen the soil that has attached to the carpet fibers. Some cases may require mechanical or manual agitation of the pre-treatment to loosen heavy soiling. The pre-treatment is then rinsed thoroughly out of the carpet so that no soil attracting residue is left behind.

The process cleans the carpet from the top of the fiber to where the carpet is attached on the backing. It will not get wet beneath the carpet backing. Extra passes with the cleaning tool will ensure that all removable moisture is extracted. After the carpet has been cleaned, it should be damp to the touch not soaking wet. Carpets will normally be dry in 2- 4 hours with adequate ventilation and air circulation.