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expert stain removal

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Stains in your carpet can be very unsightly and sometimes embarrassing. If you have had something spill on your carpet it is important that you do not try to remove it yourself. The chances that you get it out are very low and the chances of you damaging your carpet are very high. Many times when customers try to remove a stain, it is inadvertently made permanent. Instead blot up as much as you can and avoid rubbing.

Ultra Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is experienced in stain removal and we know which removal process will be needed for each individual stain. You need to be aware that some stains are permanent and will not come out.

Stains that appear after cleaning has been completed, generally do so because the product that spilled on the carpet seeped down through the carpet backing and into the pad.  When moisture is introduced, the dried stain can return via “wick back” through the carpet fibers.

Sometimes a spotting agent that was used was not rinsed out thoroughly. The residue can attract soil and some cases look worse than before. Other cases involve hidden stains that were not visible because the soiled carpet had covered the area of the stain and only after the cleaning it became visible.