Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Maintenance

Our cleaning system will give you immediate long lasting results!

Each commercial carpet installation is different. Many factors must be considered when scheduling your individual maintenance plan.

* Type of carpet (construction and fiber content)
* Type of facility (corporate office, restaurant, manufacturing/assembly, etc.)
* Number of occupants
* Traffic patterns
* Weather factors
* Different types of soil (outside dirt tracked in, food and beverage spills)
* Owner’s expectations
* Budget

It makes sense to customize your maintenance plan to fit your unique set of circumstances. “Ultra Steam offers contract cleaning for proper care of your carpet that will allow you to make adjustments to your budget.”

Protect your investment You have made a sizable investment in your carpet. Like any other major purchase, your carpet will require regular maintenance to perform to its potential. Neglect of the carpet will lead to premature wear, sub-standard appearance, a void warranty and a waste of a valuable asset.

Enhance your image Your carpet provides a major part in the overall appearance and comfort of your facility. Keeping the carpet in the best possible condition will maintain the positive image you’ve worked so hard to create. Soiled or damaged carpet can actually create negative image of your workplace.

Comfort and well being of your customers and employees Customers and employees are more comfortable in clean, well maintained environments. Carpets and other fabric that are cleaned on a regular basis create a positive impact on everyone coming into contact with them. When your employees are comfortable and feel good about their surroundings, you will experience less absenteeism.

Call us now and we will work with you to put a carpet maintenance plan in place immediately and help you project a fresh clean image.